Sparkling Reds

Puppies were born 28.1.2013

4 male and 1 female



Sire: DKCH NORDW'12  DKW'11 KBHW'12 Hestebakkens I'm A Red Gigolo

Red dwarf 32cm
Born: 02.12.2010
prcd-PRA: Carrier
pat.lux: 0/0

Top Winning Red/Apricot/Silver Dwarf 2012 in Denmark
Dam: TLN JW'12 Sunny Love Be Sparkling 

Red dwarf 29cm
Born: 06.01. 2011
prcd-PRA: Normal by parentage 
HD: A/A  
pat.lux: 0/0 
Elbows: 0/0 
Eyes: OK 

Puppies are named after sparkling red wines


Palmale'os Rosso Imperiale
Red dwarf male

"Brilliant, ruby red colour, more or less intense. Delicate and characteristic bouquet. Pleasant, sweet and well-balanced taste. Fine and persistent."


Palmale'os Rouge Doux
Red dwarf male

"Törley Charmant Rouge is an exotic drink among sparkling wines. It combines all the properties of a good red wine and a good sparkling wine. The result is velvety red sparkling wine. Market research findings indicate that this particular taste is especially popular with women."


Palmale'os Rumball
Apricot dwarf/toy male

"Very dark and intense, this decidedly acquired taste is nonetheless very impressive. A serious Shiraz with bubbles, this shows deep black cherry, earth, soy and coffee aromas and flavors. Medium-weight, with an even bead, it finishes long, dry and complex. Recommended for the adventurous palate."


Palmale'os Royal Rouge
Red dwarf male

"A delicious red with a touch of fizz, something a bit different! Soft fine bubbles and delicious strawberry flavours with a juicy peppery frothy finish. Great fun and a good quality wine too."


Palmale'os Rosa Regale
Red dwarf female

"Rosa Regale has a delicate bouquet of rose petals and offers sensuous flavors of fresh raspberries and strawberries. Its effervescence is softer than that of champagne, yet it yields a persistent and delicate pink froth.  Rosa Regale is a seductive red sparkler that turns any occasion into a celebration."