Tofu's Show Critiques 2011

4.12. Voittaja-11, Miro Zlojutro


"10 months old of good type. Good head and expression. Scissor bite. Enough lenght of neck. Good topline, tailset and carriage. Correct angulations front and behind. Moves good. The bitch appears to be a bit skinny. Nice deep colour and coat quality."

3.12. Helsinki Winner-11, Philip Langdon

EXC, JUN3tofuhewi2.jpg

"Very nice head with excellent pigment. Good reach of neck. Front could be better, but that will improve with age. Good rib. Good tail set and rear angle. Very even colour. Good feet. Moves well in coming & going and in profile for her age."

28.8. SKKY:n erikoisnäyttely, Kim Sillito-Bealetofurop.jpg


"Very beautiful color, attractive shape, good quality bitch. Pretty head. Sound & elegant mover. Very promising"

14.08. Pentunäyttely Tuomarinkartano, Jakub Kruzekpentu7kkseisoo.jpg

Puppy Class 2nd

"Correct head. Short neck. Very good back and tail. Too straight angulation. Promising coat, nice color."